Euro Gambling Casino

Euro Gambling Casino

Online gambling in parts of Europe has been around for some time now and most of the casinos are reputable and reliable, especially in the UK, France, Spain, and Italy and in Scandinavian countries. The games that are largely played in a Euro gambling casino are roulette, online blackjack game and poker and with some countries sports betting is also known to be very popular.

France is known to have casinos that suit every type of player and gambling has been on the rise from 1988 ever since slot machines were declared legitimate. A minimum age criteria is specifically to be met at all French casinos and if you don’t live in France then your passport would have to be shown as proof of your age.

While in Germany, only sports betting and lotteries were permissible and the German states had control over online gambling, but this has changed as of January 1, 2009 with all privately managed German lottery companies ceasing to operate and till date no action has been taken against Germany’s interstate gambling treaty. In Spain sports betting is allowed in shops and retail outlets while offshore gambling is also carried out extensively. It is more or less the same in Italian casinos.

In Norway online gambling is yet to be legalized though offshore gambling is practiced extensively while in Sweden online gambling is permitted and offers lotteries, casino games like bingo, poker, as well as sports and horse betting through the internet and mobile, however offshore operators are prohibited.

It is important that you check the legality of online gambling in your jurisdiction before you begin to gamble and there are certain tips and ways that you can keep in mind which will help you. As a rule of thumb you can check for: the particular laws and restrictions enforced by the local government, the Euro casino online support being provided by local online casinos, the payment and wagering methods for online gambling and any updated industry news that may be of relevance.

  1. As the first step you can check on your respective government’s website by typing ‘government’ and your country’s name in a search engine for example Google or Yahoo. In case you are not successful then you can check with your city council for any other information and at times there is even customer service desks that can assist you via phone or email.
  2. The online casinos too will be the most updated with regard to internet gambling rules and laws governing a particular state or jurisdiction. The 24/7 customer support service provided by most of the web casinos online should be able to furnish you with whatever information you may require, as the information provided by the casino would be 100% accurate so you should take advantage of this opportunity and get updated and do not hesitate to approach the online casino’s help desk.
  3. Another source of up-to-date information would be the local bank as they would be involved in processing credit cards, e-check, and other transaction services to online casinos and they would also be in a position to give you accurate information. The customer service department of the bank would be able to inform you whether transactions with these particular online casinos are permissible or not.
  4. Get into the practice of being updated on gambling news sites and or daily/weekly magazines which cover online gambling news like laws and casino bonuses. Keeping up-to-date with industry news is very imperative as the laws and rules keep changing one and off.